S/C The Wisdom of Young Bazil

S/C The Wisdom of Young Bazil

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The Wisdom of Young Bazil, written and illustrated by Dinx - A beautifully illustrated book, which features young Bazil whose philosophical ideas are presented in a charming rhyme.  From beginning to end, this book promotes a positive attitude towards all aspects of life.  Aimed at 7 to 12 year olds; it's a fresh and original perspective on life that children will easily relate to.

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    “A breath of fresh air”

    A lovely little book with a simple message but one that gets lost all too often in the frantic commercialized world we live in - slow down, breathe in, appreciate the everyday beauty around you and be kind. My son loved this book and it has some powerful words for children who's self confidence is shaky and also gives them some techniques for practicing mindfulness. - Alison foxcroft

    “Wonderful book”

    A great story and beautiful illustrations - Jayme-lee Nutman

    “Lovely childrens book”
    I've read this with my children. They love Basils story and the pictures are great. It's always good to find great children's books and this is one of them.  - Matthew John 

    “Not your average children's book”

    With the most adorable pictures, this is a lovely and inspiring children's book that adults will enjoy too. - Fey bolton

    “Beautifully written book.”

    What a beautifully written book, not only for children but for adults too! such inspiration to encourage young and old minds to look at the beauty in the world and our own lives, to think and to question and to allow imaginations to flow.
    This book is full of important lessons for young minds to have the tools to develop into individuals. The artwork is amazing and beautifully matches the story line. The more you look, the more detail you find. I very much look forward to the next book. Every child would benefit from reading this book. - Loretta Cox