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We have two new and very different publications due out over the next couple of weeks. Me, Myself, and ADHD is by Molly Brooks Dridge and is a fabulous often funny, and sometimes raw account of her journey through school life and teenage years with ADHD - A wonderful book which everyone should read ❤️

And the Needleman by Mia Melesina Granger - the winner of our 2020 children's competition. We had said that the winner would see their book published and their school would receive a copy. In fact not only will that happen but rather than it being her book which is published, she gave us the idea for Highschool horror!

This is horror/thriller stories written buy teenagers for teenagers ... It is along the lines of the Victorian penny dreadful and will be out... we hope 4 times a year. It will be pocket money price so it's affordable. Teenagers wishing to submit for this can send their stories to

They are welcome to submit their images too and comic book style stories are also welcome ❤️

Both are available through

Me Myself and ADHD is currently available to preorder.

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