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Highschool Horror©

Please submit your stories via Email Here
As writers, we know the importance of good editing and proof reading.

All our services involve working alongside the author to provide a polished MSS ready for publishing. 

We will accept MSS (Manuscripts) from anywhere in the world and it is assumed that all MSS regardless of genre will be written in English, and that the author will have a good grasp of the English language, spelling, and grammar. 

MSS must be formatted with 1.5 spacing between the lines and must use a legible font such as Baskerville Roman, Garamond or similar with single spacing after a period.

All MSS must have an accompanying email which is to include the authors full name, contact details and introduction to their work.

For fiction and non-fiction, we require either the first two chapters or the first 25 pages along with a brief synopsis and estimated final word count.
For Poetry, Journals and Recipe books the first 10 pages with an accompanying synopsis. 


If we accept your MSS for publishing then we work with you as editors and proof readers at no cost and we will pay royalties at 10% per book for the first 5000 copies sold and 13% per book thereafter. This may increase to 15% if sales are steady.

Submit online today.

We only publish original MSS

Highschool Horror Authors


Summer Blackman

Summer Blackman is a 15 year old author from the county of Dorset.

She is the author of Infected.

Her upcoming works include: Infected 2 - The Zombie Queen, The Hanging Dead, Reapers Lane, Broken Hearted and Blackouts.


Mia Melesina Granger

Mia Melesina age 16 who has lived in Dorchester all of her life. She currently attends Thomas Hardye School and is in her GCSE exam year.

Mia is a keen writer and artist. She does all her own illustrations, as well as being creative in drama and music.

Mia has just released her second Highschool book The Red Box, and is hoping to go on to study creative writing in sixth form.

Highschool Horror exists, as a result of Mia Granger, at the time aged 14, winning a writing contest with Ginger Fyre Press in 2021. Her entry was a dark thriller/horror story The Needleman, which we loved. And so, we had the idea to bring out an imprint for especially for young adult writers with darker minds, for readers of that age group with equally dark minds. Highschool Horror is based on the old ‘Penny Dreadfuls,’ which were cheap popular serial literature produced during the 19th century in the United Kingdom. Highschool Horror, however, is not serialised, with each book being a stand-alone story.

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